Willow Wood Junior High School Athletics

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Any student-athlete evaluated during a game by an on-site healthcare professional and removed from play must follow up with a healthcare professional (i.e. athletic trainer, physician), and the coach will receive written clearance before the student-athlete returns to participation. 

For the protection of all student-athletes and TISD staff, it is imperative that we make sure that any injury sustained during sports participation is evaluated and resolved in a timely manner.   

To assist with this process and ensure that we are supporting our student-athletes at all levels please complete this Injury Form:

Upon completion of this form, you can expect one of the following results:

*phone call from HS athletic trainer to set-up appointment time for evaluation or rehabilitation

*e-mail from HS athletic trainer with a recommended treatment plan and rehab exercises

*referral to sports medicine professional 


Any and all JH injuries, appointments or referrals should also be communicated with your sport coach and campus nurse. 

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